Hello universe!

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve tried to start a blog. Four? Five? Maybe this is the sixth attempt. I decided to try again because I found the 140 characters of Twitter to be too limiting for some things I wanted to say, and this appeared to be the best solution. I have no idea what I’ll end up publishing here, but since I have a cat, a dog, and a baby on the way, posts could be related to some of those things. Or they could be about my job (watching DVDs), my wife (she’s awesome), or the things I do around the house (finishing some renos).

The name “Gordovision” came from an assignment I had to do in college. We were to create an interactive resume that fit on a floppy disk using Macromedia Director. Of course the idea seems silly now, because no one uses a disk at all. Limited to just 1.4 MB, I decided I would have my interface scrolling TV listings, and clicking on a listing would take you to a section. While many of my classmates complained that 1 disk wasn’t enough, and the instructor expanded it to 2 disks, I was able to keep mine to just 1. The name of my fake TV channel was “Gordovision.” Oh, I got 25/25 on that disk assignment 😀

Someone should start a pool to see how long this lasts…



  1. Your Wife

     /  December 6, 2011

    I’m really excited that you started blogging again. I hope you keep up with it and I stay being ‘awesome’. Love you!

  2. Dajana

     /  December 8, 2011

    Welcome to the bloggy world Gordo (I just couldn’t resist)! I’m looking forward to reading stuff from a dude’s perspective…especially a dude that is about to enter the world of daddyhood. (:

    • Oh, I plan on writing about all the pretty things I like as well… pretty things like comic books, video games and computers 😉

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