I need a hobby

Watching Kat create all these neat things with her sewing machine and serger have made me realize that I need a hobby. Not something like “playing videogames” (which I do enjoy), but an actual hobby. I think I’ve decided on woodworking, but specifically woodworking with a scroll saw.

A scroll saw has a thin blade that moves up and down and allows you to make precise cuts, which is great for making toys for kids. We were in a baby store a few weeks ago and I saw a wooden letter that was selling for $10. A single letter! How hard could that be to make? You’re just essentially tracing something drawn onto wood, then sanding it. I think it would also be pretty neat to make my son some little toys he could play with. With all the fears of lead in toys coming from China (and pretty much all the toys being made in China), it would be nice to know the piece of wood he’s sticking in his mouth is safe. Plus there are tons of books available from the library with instructions on how to make various things.

So, I think in the next few weeks, or maybe a month, I’ll invest in a nice scroll saw to play with. It’ll be nice to have a hobby that doesn’t involve some kind of glowing screen sitting in front of me.


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  1. John

     /  December 24, 2011

    Good luck in your new hobby!

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