A Sweet Update!

My last post (which was far too long ago) talked about how Kat and I are trying to reduce the sweets we consume, and I figured I should provide a little update.

It’s actually going well, which surprises me a bit. It’s become quite easy, well, at least until I got past the first week. I found avoidance to be the best solution early on, but now I can tempt myself without falling victim to the sweet sugar, like the bakery we used to stop in at when we went for walks. I would get this delicious apple square there, and while I still crave it, I can safely walk past without needing to stop in and get one. I’d also buy donuts at Safeway every time I’d go to pick something up. I’d eat them in the parking lot so Kat wouldn’t find out (I came clean about this, so I can safely blog about it), but now I can walk through the bakery section without looking at the wall of sugar.

Neither of us has completely cut sugar, but we didn’t set out to do that, either. I’ll still enjoy a small piece of quality chocolate (and by small, I mean 1/10th of a 49g chocolate bar), and we’ll get a dessert if we’re out at a nice restaurant (which is rare these days), but my daily sugar craving is gone.

Do you have anything you’re trying to cut down on, and if so, how’s it turning out for you?



  1. I’m kind of doing the same thing, although it’s more broad than just sugar. I’m basically trying to be way more conscious about the extra calories I’m putting in my body. Which for this month at least, means no alcohol. I’m allowing myself to have one day a week where I drink, if I want it. But my goal is to have no alcohol for the month of October. It’s been interesting to see how cutting alcohol has meant increasing water, which is probably a way healthier trade-off.

    I used to buy Safeway apple strudels and eat the whole pack in one day, hiding it from my boyfriend at the time. So I understand the donut scarfing in the parking lot. Good luck on your suger detox!

    • Yeah, empty calories can be nasty. I don’t have too many places I could cut those out – I rarely drink alcohol, and I don’t drink coffee. I’ve been pretty good at staying away from fast food recently as well. A few years ago I almost completely phased out drinking soft drinks as well, substituting water for them. When I was in high school I was drinking 5-6 cans of Coke a day, then stopped cold-turkey when one of the cans I had on a shelf (it was a fancy can) got a hole in it and sprayed Coke across my room. If it could eat through a can on a shelf, what was it doing to my body? Yikes!

  2. Diane

     /  October 12, 2012

    Good for you! Although sensible consumption of dark chocolate is actually good for you. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, except for that, and Dr Pepper. (So misunderstood!)

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