The Customer Service at Threadless is Awesome

I love Threadless, a website that has thousands of cool custom T-shirts, so I was very disappointed when my last order wasn’t up to the quality of my previous orders. The t-shirts were made in India, and they were really poor quality; the fabric was thin, it stretched, the fit was poor, and it just felt cheap. This wasn’t what I was used to.

I sent them a polite email letting them know that I wasn’t happy with the order, and later that day I received a response. I could return the shirts to them for a full refund if I wanted (I chose to keep them, because I got them on sale), but they also let me know that they were working on their own t-shirt which they’d use going forward, and hey, we’ve put your name on a list to get a free one when they’re done so you can see the quality yourself. I was impressed.

The other day my free shirt arrived (it’s a black shirt with the Threadless logo), and they were right, it is their best shirt ever! The fabric feels nice, the fit is good, and it stretches and then pops back into shape immediately; this is a great shirt. So today I went back to the Threadless site and placed an order, the first order I’ve placed since those crappy shirts from India arrived.

Sometimes it’s good to have an issue with a company come up because it allows you to see how they deal with it. Threadless did everything right here; offered to refund my purchase, and sent me a free t-shirt to gain back my trust, and in turn I rewarded them with more of my business. Awesome!

Want to know what else is awesome? Right now they have a sale going on, and most shirts are $9.99! Go to Threadless and order some!

Here are the new shirts I ordered:

The End of the Road

Solitary Dream Pt2

Four Spirits

Electric Jellyfish


And these are the ones for Kat:

Autumn's Fall

You're a Hoot

Now Panic and Freak Out



  1. Kateryna

     /  November 23, 2012


  2. I’m amazed at how each one of those shirts makes you guys look so different! It’s like you become a different person just by changing your clothes! 😉

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